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The Daniel De-Gale Memorial

Posted on Nov 14, 2009 by in Uncategorized | 0 comments

This is a new award, awarded to a student in memory of Daniel De-Gale who died on the
8th October 2008 aged just 21. Daniel was an extremely dedicated and loyal character who always completed tasks to the best of his ability and was very passionate about everything he did!

Last year Daniel attended our awards presentation and was a great supporter of J’s Dance Factory and everything we do as a school! He was even supposed to present the awards today! It has therefore been decided that an award should be given out every year in Daniel’s memory to the student that:

  • Shows the most dedication towards their dancing
  • Shows the most effort in class
  • Has a great attitude towards practicing at home.

The person that is going to be awarded the first Daniel De-Gale Dedication to dance award ticks all of those boxes and more. He has been at the school since the day it opened and aged only 8 shows extreme dedication and maturity towards his progression as a dancer. He not only attends his own class but he is also a class helper in the 4-7years class. Something that he volunteered to do! and seems to really enjoy! He always helps others and is a great asset to J’s Dance Factory.

The Daniel De-Gale Dedication to Dance Award goes to:
Dasharn Anderson

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