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Jessica-Elliott-Styling-and-Management_Final_Logo_15102014Please visit for more info.

Jessica Elliott Management is able to represent children and young people aged 3-17 who wish to gain exciting opportunities in a wide variety of entertainment platforms and obtain representation by an agent. Jessica prefers to offer contracts to existing students to ensure a high level of training and audition preparation is undertaken. However, she will consider representing children with some performance experience who do not attend J’s Dance Factory.

Unlike some other agents she does not charge a joining fee in order to gain representation. Jessica works extremely hard to seek the best and most exciting opportunities for all of our clients. However, like any good agency it would be totally irresponsible of her to guarantee that children on our books will be offered work. All children we represent appear annually in the ‘casting bibles’ spotlight and spotlight interactive.

In order for your child to be represented correctly, they will be required to have some photographs taken by our official photographer. These photos will be presented to casting directors and will appear on their spotlight profile.

If you wish for your child to discuss representation for your child please call our central office on 0844 414 2755 and arrange an appointment to discuss. Likewise, if you are a casting professional who requires a child for a project or production worldwide please get in touch withJessica direct by phone, email or view our clients aged 5 and over on spotlight.