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Tap and Ballet at Forest Hill

Street Tap

Our tap dance classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. Learn traditional steps to the latest tunes. Instructors follow the UKA dance tap syllabus but inject their own style and character in to the creative choreography that your child will learn in their sessions.  This is fast becoming one of our most popular classes and the children love ‘tapping around’ and practicing their new rhythms.


Our ballet classes follow the UKA syllabus. Students can take exams annually and regular internal assessments are carried out. Children are taught a variety of techniques on the bar and in the centre every class. They are taught various routines, often with a modern twist. Whilst we recognise the importance of appreciating classical music and practice to a number of traditional composers some of our routines are often put to ‘modern’ tunes. With that said our classes do not compromise on technique and a great deal of attention is given to each student to make sure the correct poise, posture and placement is achieved by every child.